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Each year, the PAC has an advisory board with the anticipation of getting more parents involved in the child’s education and helping each classroom have a voice in PAC. Each classroom has one or two parents or guardians to represent them at the monthly PAC meeting as well as ANY parents who would like to attend the PAC meeting. 

Did you know that the classroom with the most parent / guardian representation at the PAC meeting receives EILEEN’S COOKIES???


*Come to the PAC Meeting each month

*Serve on a committee organized by the PAC

*Listen to the Sunday night message

*Be actively involved in your child’s literacy

*Read with your child and work on math facts

*Look over your child’s work

*Communicate with your child’s teacher

*Download the School News by Edilo App

Amanda Smallcomb
Amy Eigenberg
Ashley Bernu
PAC (formerly known as PTO) has meetings once a month. The meetings are very informative and casual yet use Robert's Rules of Order for voting. These meetings are open to all and usually last 45 minutes. Classroom PAC Representatives are encouraged to attend meetings and it is a GREAT way to get involved in your child's education.